"If we homeschool through high school, will our student be able to get into college?"


This question can be answered with a resounding "Yes!" It does take some advance planning and knowledge of the process, though. If you are intimidated by the thought of college applications, Homeschooled & Headed for College: Your Road Map for a Successful Journey is the book for you. It walks you step by step through the process, from the beginning of junior high to the day you say goodbye to your new college student.

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If you are intimidated by the thought of college applications, this is the book for you! You'll gain encouragement and knowledge in many key areas:

  • Using the junior high years to start your high school planning
  • Choosing, designing, and tracking courses
  • Grading your student's work and presenting a professional-looking transcript
  • Using community college courses and other outside courses to supplement your homeschooling
  • Planning honors and advanced courses to give your student every advantage
  • Helping your student prepare for college entrance exams
  • Navigating every step of the college application process (including essays and recommendation letters)
  • Understanding the importance of extracurricular activities and leadership
  • Making use of the #1 secret for college admissions, which homeschoolers have right at their fingertips
  • Helpful hints for all families-whether homeschooling or not-in being proactive about the college prep process and not relying solely on high school guidance counselors
  • Tips on financial aid, internships, survival skills, and more!

Homeschooled & Headed for College is the result of 9 years of careful research and the real-life experience of launching two homeschooled students into college, with acceptances at public, private, selective, and Ivy League universities. Packed with tips and advice, this 400-page book will serve as your road map for every mile of the journey, from junior high until the day you send your student off to college. Cover price is $29.95, but order now for a discounted price of $26.99 (plus shipping and California sales tax, if applicable).

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This book is a helpful resource for homeschooled students who plan to attend college. Denise's comprehensive treatment of developing a high school program gives parents useful information for designing a rigorous college prep track. Parents will also appreciate Denise's thoroughness as she walks you through all areas of the college application process. Homeschooled & Headed for College has done the research for you and will save you precious time.

- Becky Cooke and Diane KummerHome School Legal Defense Association High School Coordinators Read more testimonials

About the Author

Denise Boiko and her husband Ron homeschooled their two children from kindergarten through 12th grade. Now an "empty nester" with two college graduates (one a medical doctor and one an engineer), Denise enjoys teaching group classes to local homeschoolers in the subjects of biology, anatomy and physiology, composition, and literature.

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