AP Course Changes
The Advanced Placement program has recently revised several of its 30-plus courses and corresponding exams. Revised courses include AP World History, AP French Language and Culture, and AP German Language and Culture, AP Biology, AP Latin, and AP Spanish Literature and Culture, AP Chemistry, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP Physics 1 and 2, AP U.S. History, and AP Seminar (new course).

A New York Times article reviews some of the reasons behind these changes. In short, the goal is to have students focus on the more important concepts rather than getting lost in the details. Reducing the “rote” aspect of some of these courses and replacing it with stronger comprehension and analytical skills is important, especially in courses like biology that present hundreds of pages of details. Additional subjects for future change will be European History (2015-16), Art History (2015-16), Research (new course 2015-16), Calculus AB and BC (2016-17), Computer Science Principles (2016-17, and World History (course and exam updates).

SAT Exam Dates for the 2016-17 School Year

October 1, November 5, December 3, January 21, March 11, May 6, June 3

SAT Subject Tests:
Same dates as SAT Reasoning, but Subject Tests are not offered on March 11.
Regular registration deadlines are about a month before the test dates. Sign up at

ACT Test Dates for the 2016-17 School Year
September 10, October 22, December 10, February 11, April 8, June 10. Sign up at and note that for some test dates, the regular registration closes five weeks before the test.

California Community Colleges to Award Credit for CLEP Exams
(Announced 6/22/11 by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges)

California community colleges have made the decision to allow credit toward general education courses based on students’ performance on CLEP Exams (College Level Examination Program). Traditionally, CLEP exams have been used by students to clear courses at 4-year colleges and universities. The move toward community colleges accepting these scores in lieu of requiring a full course gives students more options as well as potential savings in time and finances. For homeschoolers, CLEP exams may be useful as another tool in completing coursework and paving the way to a college degree.


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